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Now this is a short story on how I got this blog running. I followed an e-mail course by John Sonmez  in which in that course he taught me how to setup and build my blog. Now here are 5 reasons you should check it out.


1. Its FREE    

Now, what is there to lose by signing up to something free? Even if the course gives you no value, you wouldn’t lose anything. So, this was why I signed up for this course and later, it helped me a lot on building this blog.


2. Its step-by-step

The guide he offers you is step-by-step, which means it’s really easy to understand and you wouldn’t be left there not knowing how to do it. It’s really simple with just 5 lessons and you can get the whole process done.


3. It gives you homework

Have you ever heard of homeworks? Yup, the mail course provides you with homeworks. The good thing homework does is it gives you the process and things you need to do before the next mail comes. So, you know what needs to be done and it will help you set-up your blog nicely.


4. It has real value

Now, the mail course teaches you things you need to know when starting out to make a blog. It has real lessons that John Sonmez had learned after his 8 years of his blogging experience. There are techniques that you probably didn’t know before but would really help you out to start blogging and growing the audience.


5. It gives you the confidence

Now, the way he writes is really amazing. It’s like you just got more confident on starting the blog and I think the main reason for that is he answers all your questions and doubts on building a blog. So, it’s like you’re coming to the world of blogging all prepared .

So, check it out, and also follow his blog so that you do not miss anything from the world of software developers.

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