It all starts from 0. We start counting from zero to hundreds, thousands, millions and billions. But it wouldn’t be possible without the first step. Without zero. And sometimes, we get to the hundreds and even billions but we forget the basics, zero.

Taking it a step further, as a programmer, think about a project that you recently finished. All those hundreds or thousands lines of codes you’ve written. It wouldn’t be there if you didn’t know how to write a single line of code. But from there, you build up more and more lines of codes, until the last line of code of your project. And also think of the bugs that you’ve encountered. But you finally got through it when you re-check on your basics. And sometimes, someone new on that language would be the one helping you out on your bugs.(That’s normal) And you’re like, ‘Awww, missed that’.

So, the concept here is that when you try to start on something, start from 0. Encounter all the problems on the way until you reach the end. (But I think there’s really no end to programming). Take it step by step. If you want to be fast, you can and if you want to be slow, you also can. YOU can CHOOSE to run or to crawl but it is necessary to  follow the steps. Following the steps also mean failing more. If you want to go higher and higher, you need to fail first. It’s like something mandatory that you just need to feel. But we are all of varieties. The number of failures that we encounter are all different. Just don’t get stuck-up and feel down after those failures. Like what John Sonmez said, ‘Trust The Process’. I strongly believe that you just need to be on track. As long as you’re on the right track, it’s good. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving only an inch a day, or moving a kilometer a day, just make sure you’re moving forward and on track. And days by days you’ll notice yourself starting to improve.

Now onto this blog,  it’s gonna be on SQL programming and also SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Since that’s why I chose 0 as the central theme of my blog…which is to develop yourself. I’d like to improve your day, which would then also improve your week, month and year. Have you ever thought on improving yourself everyday(at least)? Usually people are more focused on ending their day rather than thinking, ‘What more could I’ve improved?’ And that’s what keeping them away from success.  I thought , ‘It would be really amazing if everyone could start on improving themselves because this would add real value to this world.’ So, this is the mindset that I’d like everyone to have. Think right NOW, What if everyday, I improve/increase __________? (what you want). Now what are the things that’s stopping us from improving everyday? I think it’s all about perseverance. How long can we be focused on our goals ? or How long can we be disciplined enough to follow our schedule ? And we all know that we usually end up not achieving our goals. So, time to wake up and follow this blog.

Everyone has their own hobby, and me personally I enjoy programming. Programming is like you having your ideas digitized. I started this journey by learning HTML, PHP then SQL. So, I combined all these  3 languages then started on making projects. So,  I’m not really an expert on SQL, at least not yet. But I’d like to record this process of me learning SQL as well as all the bugs and new things that I found out on SQL, as I think this would help people who could have been stucked, or also just starting to learn SQL. I chose SQL as this was the language that I was introduced to, and I’ve also quite build some knowledge+passion on it. I’ll tell you why SQL is awesome & the things it is capable of doing on my next post. So, hope to see you reading this blog.

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