I’m not that crazy programmer or that genius programmer that if you see on other websites, they use terms or words that you probably wouldn’t understand. So, let’s start from 0.

As promised, I’ll tell you what SQL is used for. The ONLY thing that you need to remember is it’s used to play with data. Basically, you’re just going to manage data in a databaseAn easy example would be a database of employees in a company. Or maybe the leader board section in a game. These are all data.

Now, there are only TWO things you need to have before starting, and both are FREE.

1. You need the appserv 

It’s a server to connect with the database. So, this is what will get you started. Below is a list of websites you can use to download it.

  • https://www.appserv.org/en/
  • https://sourceforge.net/projects/appserv/
  • https://appserv.en.softonic.com/

There are also other websites on the internet for you to download it. Just pick one that’s reliable.

— Once you finish downloading it, it will appear in your computer files. Under the (C:) files. Inside the appserv folder, there’s a folder named ‘www’. Save everything there. —

2. Notepad/Testpad

Yeah, it’s already there in your computer. Just a blank application but this is where you write the code.

— Now that it’s done, remember that whenever you finish writing a code, save it under the ‘www’ folder. Save as type: All files and your file name must end with .php OR .html but I would rather advise you to save as __.php. —

This is still not the magic part. So, stay cool and read my next post. 🙂

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