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Investing; For Your Future

Hello there,

The term investment has been used a lot by people, especially business-minded people but we don’t realize that everyone is making an investment for themselves. Even kids. What we do now will affect our future, and so it is an investment. Every second of our life is an investment because we’ll get what we work for, for an instance we’re pushing ourselves to do work so that we can reap the benefits later on. Students go to school and then, they graduate. Everything is an investment, even watching the television. You watch the television, and then you’ll get the enjoyment, but of course only for a limited period of time. So now what matters is what kind of investment do you put for yourself. To know what should you invest your time on, decide on a CLEAR GOAL first. What kind of future do you want, what skills do you want to acquire, what job do you want to do, etc.

Now let’s get practical. My main priority is for you to invest in yourself, without realizing it. For this purpose, the MOST IMPORTANT thing I want to address you in this post, is to have a STRONG DAILY RITUAL. Which would be your daily routine and habit. Let’s not ignore reality. We sometimes become very ambitious people, wanting to become that and achieve that, wanting to learn that skill, wanting to start our own company, wanting to learn a new language, and the list goes on. But that is only for a certain period of time, I’d say around 3 months maximum(usually around 1 week). So at that time, we spend all our energy on it, because we’re still excited about it. But later on, that thing just dies…The spirit, the goals, all of them just disappear. So this is where a daily ritual does the job.

What I mean by daily ritual is something that you do each day, without fail. Put aside some time from your day to do it. EVERY SINGLE DAY. It doesn’t matter, from 1 minute to hours of doing that. The critical part is to do it every day. Even when you don’t feel like doing it that particular day. Because if you just do it when you felt like it, then anyone could have done it. A daily ritual is what makes you YOU. Basically the YOU know is the result of your past actions, so your future is the result of what you’re doing know. So a DAILY RITUAL will keep you STRONG and have that dream come true, so even when you don’t feel like you’re going forward, you are going forward. The only thing that you’ll need to be concern of is whether you can be disciplined and strong enough to keep doing that. This strength is what most people lack and what keeps them away from their dreams.

The other thing that I’d like to inform you is to not underestimate the power of a short-time OBSESSION. When you’re that obsessed with something, you can grit for hours and hours working on yourself. Which means another step forward to achieve your goals. When you’re that obsessed with your goal, I’d advise you to just do it while you’re still in the mood. It’s like a boost for yourself to achieve that thing faster. So don’t underestimate the power of obsession. But still, it’s WORSE to underestimate THE POWER OF A DAILY RITUAL. At the end of the day, just the 10 minutes of your everyday will amount to countless hours. And what if everyday you don’t spend 10 minutes, but an hour? I really don’t know what amazing accomplishments YOU could achieve.

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