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What you’ll be reading next might just solve your lifetime problem. The fact that you’re now reading this means that you are interested in achieving your goals and at the very least, you’ve still got the spirit. So that’s my first point. I ‘d say that if you’ve got no interest in goals and things like this, then that itself is a problem. Because that would mean that you’re satisfied with the way you are right now and you don’t want to achieve any other things. As you could see many teenagers are like this these days. Spending 8 hours a day playing games or watching  movies and they’re just happy the way they are. Even though that’s a really big problem, they don’t realize since they’re stuck inside their own happiness. So it’s like their goal is to have fun, and they achieved it. With this we should know that goals matter since that’s what we are living our life for. Another example that gets in my mind is how many people just want to end their day, like when they got on their bed they’re like, ‘Ohh, how nice it is to get a sleep’. Of course, it’s important to sleep early and get enough sleep, just don’t think that sleeping is the best time of the day. Since that’s not what you live for.


My second point is to get specific with your goal. get as specific as you want. Your result will mostly be affected by the goals you set for yourself. It differs for every goal you set, so this matters. If your goal is to explore SQL, then that’s a really shallow goal and not effective. Make it like, OK this two days I’m gonna study how to create a table and and insert data. And the third day I’m gonna use it to make a project on my family members. I’d guarantee better results if you did this. Since the first goal was too unspecific, it’d make it just too difficult for you to focus. There’s no parameter set to know whether you achieved it or not. Next one, after thinking about it, I’d say there are two types of goals, 1. Time, 2. skill. Time is setting yourself to a certain period where you’ll work on that thing. Skill is what things do you want to achieve. Not to forget that you can combine both. “I’d spend 2 hours today to learn updating”. Like that. So everyone’s goal is different, since we all have our own potential. So the one to decide this is you yourself.


My third point is to focus on only that thing. Do you know why there’s school? It keeps the students from home chores, games, eating and other stuffs. At school students are able to focus on their studies. They’re not distracted on other things. Their minds are not concerned on what else do they want to do. They can’t do it anyway since they’re restricted by the timetable. So I’d recommend settling other things first before learning that thing. It’s a real mess if you suddenly want to eat and water the plants or whatever. It’s just distracting you from the work little by little. Simply said it’s inefficient to multitask. Things won’t get done. Work that can be done in 1 hour will then take 4 hours to finish. Another way to encounter this problem is to get into a surrounding that doesn’t distract you. The library and the office, as an instance. Ohh and another distraction is of course, the smartphone. Just keep it silent. Set yourself to work non-stop for 20 minutes, then check your phone if there’s really emergency. Just for that case. Then continue working. Don’t look at the mass media or social sites. It’s dangerous. You’ll lose time before you realize it.


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