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Top 2 Reasons Restricting You From Coding

Hey there,

This post is to address you the top 2 reasons that restricted me from coding, and I believe these 2 reasons are also what’s restricting you from coding. This means that if there’s one of these 2 reasons present, you are most likely not able to code or feel heavy to code. Read carefully and you’ll see what I did to unlock this chain of restrictions. Knowing tells you how to deal with that problem when it comes. So, hope you’ve got no more reasons not to code when you should be coding. So here it comes:


The first reason that comes to y mind why I usually don’t code is because I lack motivation. When I lack motivation, there’s a heavy weight pulling me down. And I can’t code. There’s a really big relationship between your level of motivation and your decisions. If you just watched a basketball themed movie, then after that you’ll find yourself playing basketball. If this doesn’t work for you, try it on your children. It’ll work. This is because that child experienced the world of basketball when he watched it. So this is my analysis on the first factor that drives people motivation up and down. INPUT. What you’ve been listening to, reading, watching will affect your motivation for doing something. I said that motivation will lead to decisions. So if I’m motivated to code, I’ll code. Then I told you that the factor that affects motivation level is INPUT. Once I figured this out, then I knew what to do.

a) Join a society that specializes on coding. This society will be the input that I’ve wanted. Because for the next days, all the chit chat that I listen to will be based on coding. Ideas, Problems, Jokes, all of them will be based on coding. Everything that people share with me will tell me more about coding. But let’s make this more practical for the people out there not able to join a society, then search the youtube. I believe there is a society of codetubers. Means people who share about topics on coding. They also share about life advice on coding and not just technical coding advice, an example would be how to ace a coding job interview, or how to get clients running after you, etc. I believe that a virtual society will lead you to a life society, so that’s why I consider them as a society. Next after youtube, is reading blogs. It have the same impact like watching youtube.

b) Listen to motivational videos. They just pump my motivational level. Since it’s called motivational videos, they really do the job. They get the spirit for you.



Time problem is really a timeless problem. Saying we don’t have time to code since that’s just a side work. To make it easy,

a) You should decide how important coding is for you. Is it just for fun, or is it for life, or is it for teaching you how to think. It all depends on this. Then when you have an idea on why you’re coding,

b) Make time for it. Your 24 hours a day will still remain 24 hours. But what changes is how much you can make out of that 24 hours. For this reason, you should make time for it. Time flies and if you don’t make time for it, you’ll see that you’ll never have time for it. It’s just like the school time table. The school make time for each subjects, so the students suddenly had the time to study 6 subjects a day. Amazing, right. If it really matters to you, then you should make time for it. Make time for it, even if it requires you to cut some time watching movies or playing games.

These 2 reasons are what’s restricting me, and I wish I knew how to handle this earlier. Any inquiries, questions, ideas mail me at


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