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Prioritizing Some Before Some

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So in this post I’ll address you the mechanism of how humans think and how they react to situations. What’s the main factor that made them do another work before another work? It’s called prioritizing. And to be practical, I’ll explain to you how to use this in your daily life especially on programming. Why do programmers need to prioritize some ideas than other ideas? How do I prioritize some projects before completing other projects? Let’s see the answer;

1) Why is PRIORITIZING a matter of concern?

Everything has its own way to be used. There are steps to be followed so that you can get the best outcome. If you don’t follow the steps, then it’ll turn into a messy outcome.Worst case, you won’t get any result. For example, the microwave. What happens if you insert food and then push the button, but you didn’t turn the microwave on? What happens if you turned it on and pressed the button, but the food isn’t there? We prioritize steps without even realizing. So if you don’t prioritize, work can’t be done because you’re doing it the wrong way. This signifies the importance of prioritizing. In every work, you need to always search a better way to do it, so that you won’t waste your time and energy doing it slower and more difficult, because you don’t know there’s a better way to do it. I’d think of it as having to smash through a door to enter your house when the key’s just in your pocket. So something as simple as taking out the keys, inserting it into the doorknob then opening the door can turn into kicking the door a thousand times to break it. So why don’t we start to realize there’s always a risk that what we are doing right now, there might be a more effective way to do it. Always open your eyes to what your opponents or rivals are doing. If you figured out they’re doing it better, then follow their strategy. Don’t hesitate to turn to another path if you notice the path you’re on is wrong. Accept the changes that’s happening so that your effort won’t be in vain for a longer time than it is already. DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY should be the way.

2) How do I PRIORITIZE my work?

I start with making a list of work that should be done. Then I think of which one should be delivered earlier and which one is not that emergency. Let’s say my laptop takes an hour to charge, but I really have work to do with the laptop. I’ll charge my laptop first. So in the time my laptop is charging, I write a new blog post with my phone . When the battery’s full again, all I need to do is transfer the post to the laptop and upload it. The same goes to eating. If I don’t wanna waste time, I’ll open the news before I eat so that I’ll be able to hear the news when I’m eating. When I finished eating, I can get back straight to work without the need of listening to the news. This is like multitasking, but I only do this when the work I’m doing doesn’t require me to focus, like eating or driving. When it’s time to code, than I don’t let anything distract me to become more focused. So how you prioritize should be based on your creativity as well as your goal.


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