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Comparison Isn’t Healthy

I have a lot of great friends. They looked ordinary in front of me, but they had a tons of achievements that they never shared. In the past, I’ve spent time thinking and pondering how do I follow their footsteps. How can I achieve what they’ve achieved? But I realize soon that that’s a dumb way to go about things.

We are all unique individuals. We have our strengths, and we also have our own weaknesses. We are not the same like the people around us. Not any single person in this Earth is the same as another individual. Our learning curves are different, and most importantly our potential is also UNIQUE to us. This means that we can achieve great things that others can’t achieve and others also can achieve great things that we can’t achieve.

There are 2 possibilities when comparing yourself to another individual:

1) Compare to someone of higher potential

You’ll feel demotivated. You’ll have a feeling of inferiority or like maybe that’s too high for me, so might as well just give up. The main problem is the feeling that you’ll have, you’ll feel really bad for yourself. It’s okay to feel bad that you can’t achieve something, but it’s wrong to feel bad because you compare yourself to others.

2) Compare to someone of lower potential

You’ll feel like you’re great enough, which will put you into your comfort zone. Whereas you don’t understand that with the potential that have been granted to you, you could’ve achieved something higher. You do not know that maybe that someone you compared yourself to might be better because he did all he could with the potential he has.


Which now brings to my final question,  Then what type of comparison is healthy??

Comparing yourself to the ‘you’ yesterday. It’s only fair if you compare yourself to yourself. But how to measure your potential and whether or not you’ve improved is up to you. You can’t cheat yourself saying you’ve reached your full potential even though you know that you’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day or playing games the entire day. It’s really up to you to bring your potential to the fullest. For me, I always say to myself that I could’ve done a better job.

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