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I’ve been working on my project for 7 months and it’s just finished recently. I looked back and analyzed,does it really need to be this long to finish it? The answer is no. I could have finished it in just a month, but what made it so long? It took me so long just because I wasn’t clear of what I was trying to do. I couldn’t see the picture of it, and I didn’t plan really well for it.

Let me start plain with you, before you start your project, be CLEAR of what it is. When you don’t have sight of what it is, you get hung up. Many times you’ll feel like you’re just doing it based on what you’re thinking at that time. This is simple logic, if you don’t know what you want to do, then how can you do that thing? There should be an idea in the brain that tells you you want to do that thing. So if your brain doesn’t know what it is, then you’ll also be stuck.

Set your mind to have the mindset that you should be clear with everything you do, that it all starts from the planning. If the day is not planned out well from the moment you wake up, then you’ll only follow your normal habit. But if you got a plan for it, then your actions will follow the plan. Right after planning comes delivery. After the plan, the actions will follow. When there’s no plan, there’s no guideline, and you’re free to do whatever you want that time.

Now an example from my experience when I built my project from PHP, SQL and HTML. What I did was only the back-end/logical part of the project. Then, I took a responsive template. This made things much simpler for me. So the only thing I need to do was insert my back-end code into the template. But I rushed things and I inserted my code into the template when my coding wasn’t even checked for bugs and wasn’t even fully completed yet. So when all’s beautiful and looked like it’s finished, I run it multiple times and found bugs. This made things much difficult because now you had to find where the bug is when the code is really long. But what’s sadder is when there’s improvement and I had to add features that were missing, I had to change everything. Now I had to open back all the codes and change part of them so that they could link to each other. This really made my brain messed up.

All of these were just because of improper planning on what I had to do next. So now what I want you to know before you start on your project:

1. Have the clear vision

You need to start with a clear vision of what’s supposed to be done and what’s the plan if your way of doing it is inaccessible.

2. Planning

Make a clear sketch of the planning whether it be on paper or on a board. This will help you know what you’re after and how you’re gonna get it done.

3. Stick To The Plan

This is the last one. If you can’t stick to the plan, then the planning doesn’t matter. This is the action part, where all the big thing happens.

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