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Productivity In Your Daily Programming Life

You wake up at 6. Then you go to work. After a whole day of using your brain, you get back, cook some dinner then have some snacks while watching the news, and go to sleep. It becomes a daily routine. Think back for how long has this been a habit. Have you thought of new habits to incorporate into your life? Well, habits have a strong connection to your productivity. Habits are the product of daily activities after a period of time while it’s also what we mostly do on a daily basis.

How do you measure your productivity? It’s how much you are able to do in a single day. It matters not whether it’s a project, or mastering a new language, or learning to type faster, as long as it’s what you aimed for. So a direction is necessary before you want to start checking your productivity. Decide on what you really want. Whatever you need to do, if you are able to do more, then you have a higher productivity. So, if you have no direction, does that mean even if you did nothing you are still productive? No, that’s because when you don’t have direction, then what you need to do is to find one. 🙂

Another point to bear in mind is productivity in a day is incomparable to other days. Can you compare how much work you do when you’re healthy and when you’re sick? And everyday work is not the same, therefore don’t get demotivated whenever you feel like yesterday you did more. When you get demotivated, you’ll surely be less productive becahse your mind is thinking negstively. So, what’s necessary is the burning passion for programming and the pursuit of improvement.

When you finally have the thought of incorporating new habits, you’d need the strength to change the old habits to the new one. My tips:

  1. Be sure it’s something that you really have enthusiasm for.
  2. Have various solid points on why it should be changed.
  3. Think what new opportunities will come out when you change it.
  4. Always, always, always imagine your end goal.
  5. Remember, the world is a fair place. What you work for is what you’ll get.
  6. Don’t be so strict on your new habit.

The last one is what you might be getting wrong at. What I mean is to plan a 2 hours everyday Java programming, and not set everyday from 5 to 7 ,I’ll learn Java. Not that I mean you take it easy. Do not take your new habit as something small.

The purpose of not setting a specific time you start and you end is to increase the percentage of you able to do your newborn habit. As I mentioned, everyday you encounter different work and you end up in different situations so as long as you put yourself in a duration limit, it’s good enough. The increase in percentage of success will result in higher confidence and satisfaction. The higher the confidence you have in achieving your daily habit, the more powerful it becomes as it becomes easier for you to do it.

What if you never thought of changing habits? Then THINK now.

Everyone wants to raise their standard of living. So it’s a reality that we have to face. As a programmer, what’s your main source of income right now? Will focusing on only that gives more money or will finding other sources makes more money? That’s for you to think. So give yourself some time to think about your next step, well this sounds easy but it’s really difficult for people who never think and just follow the flow.

Why am I emphasizing on changing habits now, and not later? You get a sense of urgency when you find the real pursuit. This pursuit requires effort, and once you get the feel of it you’ll wish you’d started earlier. It’s kinda what you live your life for. Also, only occasionally do opportunities come. There might be a time limit for the project and to wait for another one might be next year. A year wasted wouldn’t be so exciting, would it? The truth remains that finding out our true purpose in life is the ultimate thing, so it’s never a waste to think about it.


A habit mostly determines your productivity.

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  1. Great post! It’s really important to analyze your habits. Finding things you need to change and coming up with new habits to incorporate will ensure great progress over time.

    1. Yes but it sure takes a huge effort to sustain the new habits. Thanks for stopping by!

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